About Us



Las Vegas serial entrepreneur Joseph Haber, loves coffee and CBD so much, he decided to launch a company that offers gourmet quality coffee infused with the finest CBD extracts, to make JOECOOL™ Brand. 


About our Coffee


We offer a variety of gourmet specialty flavors including Costa Rica Arabica, Hawaiian Kona, Jamaican Blue Mountain and more. Available in Ground Coffee, K-cups, Single Serving Pouches and bottled Cold Brew. 10mg of CBD per 8oz serving.

About our CBD


We provide a proprietary organic isolate CBD extract (non-THC) that may offer a variety of the most desired effects: enhanced focus and brain function as well as reduced anxiety, pain relief, appetite, cramps, and many more. Contains No Cannabis (THC).



JOECOOL™ Brand T-shirts in a variety of styles, colors and designs available.


Don't miss out on the finest quality JOECOOL™ Brand hats, offered in variety of colors and styles.


Coffee mugs are essential for home and work use. Know you are drinking the very best with Joecool™ Brand.

Contact Us

JOECOOL™ Brand CBD-Infused Gourmet Coffee is exclusively available in Retail locations. For more information or to become an approved vendor/distributor contact us below:

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Henderson, Nevada, United States